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Power Racers is a subtheme of the Racers theme, which was first introduced in 2005. The theme focused on racers with special functions (such as falling apart on impact, pull-back motors, or slammers which propelled it forward (from the TECHNIC theme Speed Slammers). Of all of the Racers subthemes, it has the largest ratio of TECHNIC to System sets.


Image#SetNumber of piecesMinifiguresPriceRelease
7967 Box7967Fast69$12.99 / €11.99December 4, 2009 (US) / December 31, 2009 (UK)
7968 Box7968Strong91$12.99 / €11.992010
7970 Box7970Hero68$12.99 / €11.992010
Bad7971Bad72$12.99 / €11.992010
8136 Box8136Fire Crusher65$9.992007
8137 Box8137Booster Beast70$9.992007
8138 Box8138Phantom Crasher85$9.992007
8139 Box8139Night Blazer66$9.992007
8140 Box8140Tow Trasher182$19.992007
8141 Box8141Off Road Power201$19.992007
8146-18146Nitro Muscle598$49.992007
Lego81628162Race Rig104$12.992009
8163 Box8163Blue Sprinter110$12.992009
8164 Box8164Extreme Wheelie87$12.992009
Lego81658165Monster Jumper91$12.992009
81668166Wing Jumper203$19.992009
8167 Jump Riders front box8167Jump Riders209$19.992009
84908490Desert Hopper92$9.992008
8491-b8491Ram Rod72$9.992008
84928492Mud Hopper59$9.992008
8493-b8493Red Ace82$9.992008
8494-b8494Ring of Fire268$29.992008
8496-b8496Desert Hammer510$49.992008
8645 Box8645Muscle Slammer Bike126 2005
8646-18646Speed Slammer Bike126 2005
Nrac18647Night Racer76 2005
Buzz18648Buzz Saw76 2005
8649 Box8649Nitro Menace622$49.992005
Fsr18650Furious Slammer Racer254 2005
8651 Jumping Giant box8651Jumping Giant242 2005
8667 Box8667Action Wheelie79$9.992006
8668 Side Rider8668Side Rider111$9.992006
8669 Fire Spinner8669Fire Spinner113$9.992006
86708670Jump Master105$9.992006
8682 Box8682Nitro Intimidator724$49.992006
K8645-Slammer Propeller HotrodK8645Slammer Propeller Hotrod252 2005
K8647 Dual-Engine Truck (-8647, 8648)K8647Dual-Engine Truck140 2005


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