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The Prime Empire Digital Shorts are a series of shorts based on Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu. They serve as a prologue to the twelfth season of the series.


Let's Dance!

At the Monastery of Spinjitzu, Nya suggest she and Jay take advantage of their free afternoon to do something fun. Jay has plans at the arcade, but Nya suggests that they take a dance class; he reluctantly agrees, as long as they keep it a secret. An overexcited and overdressed Nya struggles, but Jay proves to have surprising talent as a dancer and helps her. In gratitude, Nya accompanies Jay to the arcade, where he shows her his favorite game, which just so happens to be a dancing game and the source of his skill. Lloyd calls the pair with an alert about the Mechanic, but Nya insists on the pair playing a round on the machine before joining their teammates.


Using a high tech Chen's Noodles truck, the Mechanic robs a bank vault, and manages to escape from Lloyd, Kai, Cole, and Zane just as Jay and Nya arrive late. Returning to his home base, the Mechanic communicates with a mysterious benefactor who advised him on upgrading the truck. The Mechanic then shows off the truck's features to his henchmen, only to find his current mechanical arm prevents him from using some. He approaches his partner about the matter, and is given the blueprints for a more advanced arm with the ability to feel. In awe, the Mechanic questions who his ally is, and the mystery villain gives his name as Unagami.

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