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The Prime Empire NPCs are NPCs (Non-Player Characters) from the world of Prime Empire. Though created by Unagami, they are not necessarily aware of this fact nor do they directly serve him.


Ballistic Missiles

The Ballistic Missiles are a team of racers from Prime Empire, all of whom wear helmets that resemble the front ends of missiles, with stylized shark faces printed on them. Each member of the team drives a replica of the Katana 4x4, has gray skin, and wears a racing jumpsuit. The only named member of the team is Anthony "The Brute" Brutanelli. seen in the


Chrome Domes

The Chrome Domes are a team of racers in Prime Empire, named for their signature heads or helmets, which resemble disco balls. Each member of the group drives a replica of the Thunder Raider, and wears attire resembling a business suit with illuminated accents. The only named member of the group is Hypersonic.



Main article: Okino

Racer Seven

Racer Seven is a racer character from Prime Empire who resembles Antonia, but with blonde hair. She drives a green vehicle as a competitor in The Speedway Five-Billion.


Shifty is a salesman who appears managing a shop at the base of the Cliffs of Hysteria in Terra Kerana in "The Cliffs of Hysteria." He is apparently a well-known and well-traveled character in Prime Empire, being known to Okino and claiming to have been the source of Sushimi's knives. He takes a shine to Nya, but not enough to give the Ninja much of a discount when it comes to buying rope to scale the cliffs.