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Prince Zuko is a Minifigure from the series of sets of the LEGO Avatar: The Last Airbender line. He is exclusive to the set 3829 Fire Nation Ship.


Zuko has unprinted black legs, and a black torso with black arms, and light nougat hands. He wears dark red armour, printed with a breastplate and a grey section. His face is light nougat, printed with black features, and a pink scar. The back of his head has a ponytail printed on it.


Fire Lord Zuko was the next heir to the throne, however during a war meeting he spoke against his father's plan, and his father dueled him in an Ag Ni Kai (a firebending duel), however not fighting back left Zuko with a scar by his father's fire. He then was banished from the Fire Nation and started his three year hunt for the Avatar, Aang. His Uncle Iroh was sent with Zuko. Zuko first checked the Air Temples to try and find the Avatar. Once Aang returned after being unfrozen, Zuko chased him across the world. Later he gave up hunting him and he and his uncle, Iroh entered the Earth Kingdom City of Ba Sing Se disguised as refugees. However when his sister Princess Azula overtook the city, Zuko re-allied with the Fire Nation and betrayed his uncle. After returning home to his father, Zuko hired an assassin to kill Aang in secret, so that no one would learn that the Avatar survived the showdown in Ba Sing Se. After learning of his father's horrific plans for the Earth Kingdom, Zuko left the fire nation to help Aang. He found Aang and his friends hiding in the Western Air Temple where he tried to stop the assassin nicknamed Combustion Man or "Sparky Sparky Boom Man" from hunting the Avatar. Zuko taught Aang firebending before Sozin's Comet arrived. During Sozin's Comet he and Katara dueled Azula. After the Comet he became the Firelord and Aang took down Firelord Ozai. Zuko is also in love with Mai, one of Azula's best friends.

After the hundred-years war, he and Avatar Aang transform the Fire Nation Colonies into the United Republic of Nations; "a society where benders and non-bender from all over the world could live and thrive together". They named the capital ("of this great land") Republic City. There is a statue of him in front of the Central Station in Republic City, as a reminder of the things Fire Lord Zuko did in his life.

Fire Lord Zuko gave the Fire Lord's throne to his daughter.

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Prince Zuko Prince Zuko was the heir to the Fire Nation throne until he angered his father Fire Lord Ozai. Now, scarred and exiled, he sails the seas in his Fire Nation Ship in search of the Avatar, whose capture will earn him the Fire Lord’s favor once again.



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