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This article is about the Princess of the Lion Kingdom. For the Princess from the Kingdoms Joust, see Princess Verda.

"Why don’t you pesky Dragon Knights try to capture the Jester for once?"
―The Princess

The Princess,[1][2] named Princess Polly,[3] is a Minifigure from the LEGO Kingdoms line.


The Princess has a red and white dress, and reddish brown hair. She features a dual-sided head piece with one side being a smile and the other a scared expression.

Princess Polly, as depicted by LEGOLAND Windsor Resort, is nearly identical to the Princess's physical minifigure, except she has a different facial expression and freckles on her cheeks.[3]


The Princess is royalty and a part of the Lion Kingdom. She is the King's headstrong daughter who is captured by the Dragon Knights.

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The Princess
“Why don’t you pesky Dragon Knights try to capture the Jester instead?”

The Princess of the Lion Kingdom is smart and brave, but a little bit clumsy. That’s how she keeps getting captured by the Dragon Knights and locked up in their tower. Fortunately, the Lion Knights are always ready to ride to the rescue and set her free!


  • "If no-one comes to rescue me soon I'm breaking out of here on my own."[source?]
  • “When my father hears about this you Dragon Knights are going to be in big trouble. Did I mention he's the king?”[source?]
  • “Why don’t you pesky Dragon Knights try to capture the Jester instead?”[1]



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