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Princess Verda[1] is a Kingdoms minifigure introduced in 2011. The only set that she has appeared in is 10223 Kingdoms Joust.


Princess Verda wears an ornate sand green dress (represented with a 2x2x2 slope brick in lieu of legs), decorated with plant-like embroidery and earth green sleeves. She has reddish brown Princess Hair and a common smiling feminine face.

In LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed, she is armed with a crossbow.



At the Royal Joust, the Royal Lion Knight and Falcon Knight compete to win Princess Verda's hand in marriage.[2]

LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed

In LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed, Princess Verda is a Builder attacker with the abilities "Classy Crossbow", "Heavy Reign", "Sneak", and "Surprise Attack".

Princess Verda's own kingdom was engulfed by the Dark Age, so she was sent away to the Western Kingdom for her protection. Upon realizing that Crown King Brutus did very little during his reign except indulge in his own luxuries, Verda decided to work constantly on improving the lives of the peasant folk. She is a talented politician and skilled with using a crossbow, and she survives by staying out of the public eye.

In the Glyph Hunt campaign, Crown King Brutus accuses her of being Willa the Witch in disguise, finding her helping the peasant folk to be suspicious, although Verda is revealed to be innocent. She temporarily joins the Explorers' party in mission 2.6. Afterward, Verda and Dragon Master Burnabus realize that "Brutus" was actually Willa, recognizing that the real king would be too lazy to personally lead a royal investigation.


  • Princess Verda's character trivia in LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed erroneously states that her official name is "Green Princess".[1] In actuality, official product descriptions only refer to her as Princess.[2] This is likely the result of circular reporting, since various fan websites (including Brickipedia) have unofficially used the nickname "Green Princess" to refer to this character in order to differentiate her from the Princess of the Lion Kingdom.
  • "Verda" is the Catalan word for "green", referring to the Princess's green dress.

LEGO Description This is a description taken from LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed. Please do not modify it.

A high-output attacker who survives by staying out of the public eye. As talented with politics as she is with a crossbow, Verda just might have the gumption to become the world's first princess president. It's about time!

Quick-witted and compassionate, Verda was sent away from her kingdom for her own protection after it was swallowed up by the Dark Age. Verda was originally grateful to be taken into the home of King Brutus... until she realized he's a total putz. Unlike your average royal layabout, Verda spends her time tirelessly improving the lives of the peasant folk and figuring out how Brutus managed to spend half the treasury on a chocolate fountain.

First-Term Princess
Debuted in 2011.

Jousting Around
Only appeared in the "Kingdoms Joust" set.

Emerald Emissary
Her official minifigure name is "Green Princess."