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Professor Sybill Trelawney was the Divination teacher at Hogwarts, and although she believed herself to be a great Seer, real prophecies made by her are rare and some consider her a fraud due to her seemingly ineffective methods. She made a prophecy that Harry will defeat Voldemort.


The Trelawney minifigure wears a blue dress with gauzy shawls and cloaks and bangles all covered with shining sequins, making her appear like a glittering insect. She had thick glasses, which caused her eyes to appear about ten times their normal size. She talks in ethereal and misty tones, and the minifig of her has a pink wizard hat. She dresses similarly to Minerva McGonagall as she uses a sloping brick for a dress piece, except in different colors, and Trelawney does not wear a cape.

Video Game Description

Professor Trelawney's character token can be found in her divination class. In her classroom, there is a goblin vault. Have Griphook use his goblin key to open the vault, as a reward you receive her character token to purchase her in Madam Malkins' in Diagon Alley for 100,000 studs.


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  • Professor Trelawney never wore a hat in the movies. In the videogames, though, she has a hairpiece instead, which is the hairpiece for the newest version for Hermione Granger, but blond.


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