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See [[Clone Trooper]]  +
See [[Clone Trooper]]  +
[[Clone Wars]]<br />[[Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith|Episode III: Revenge of the Sith]]<br />See [[Clone Trooper]]  +
See [[Clone Trooper]]  +
See [[Clone Trooper]]  +
Original Variant<br/>Flesh redesign<br/>2013 Redesign  +
Marvel's Avengers Game  +
See [[Astronaut]]<br />[[ADU Sergeant]]<br />[[ADU Soldier]]<br />[[ADU Pilot]]<br />[[ADU Rookie]]<br />[[ADU Scientist]]  +
See [[Astronaut]]<br />[[ADU Soldier]]<br />[[ADU Pilot]]<br />[[ADU Rookie]]<br />[[ADU Scientist]]<br />[[ADU Soldier]]  +
See [[Clone Trooper]]  +
2011 Version<br />2012 Version<br />[[Shadow ARF Trooper]]<br />See also: [[Clone Trooper]]  +
Original<br>2007 Redesign<br>2010 Redesign<br>2014 sand blue remake<br>2020 print redesign  +
Original<br />2012 Redesign<br />Microfigure<br />  +
Apocalypseburg  +
[[Stunt-Man]]<br />[[Johnny Thunder]] Actor<br />[[Mike]] Actor<br />[[Robber Chief]] Actor<br />[[Axle]] Actor<br />[[Actress]]<br />[[Pippin Reed]] Actress<br />[[Gentleman]]<br />[[Lady]]<br />[[Police Officer]] Actor<br />[[Captain Redbeard]] Actor<br />[[Quiky]]  +
Brown Hair<br />Red Hair  +
James Norrington (Video Game only) <br />Norrington (Disgraced)  +
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