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See [[Clone Trooper]]  +
See [[Clone Trooper]]  +
[[Clone Wars]]<br />[[Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith|Episode III: Revenge of the Sith]]<br />See [[Clone Trooper]]  +
See [[Clone Trooper]]  +
See [[Clone Trooper]]  +
Original Variant<br/>Flesh redesign<br/>2013 Redesign  +
Marvel's Avengers Game  +
See [[Astronaut]]<br />[[ADU Sergeant]]<br />[[ADU Soldier]]<br />[[ADU Pilot]]<br />[[ADU Rookie]]<br />[[ADU Scientist]]  +
See [[Astronaut]]<br />[[ADU Soldier]]<br />[[ADU Pilot]]<br />[[ADU Rookie]]<br />[[ADU Scientist]]<br />[[ADU Soldier]]  +
See [[Clone Trooper]]  +
2011 Version<br />2012 Version<br />[[Shadow ARF Trooper]]<br />See also: [[Clone Trooper]]  +
Original<br>2007 Redesign<br>2010 Redesign<br>2014 sand blue remake<br>2020 print redesign  +
Original<br />2012 Redesign<br />Microfigure<br />  +
Apocalypseburg  +
[[Stunt Man]]<br />[[Johnny Thunder]] Actor<br />[[Mike]] Actor<br />[[Robber Chief]] Actor<br />[[Axle]] Actor<br />[[Actress]]<br />[[Pippin Reed]] Actress<br />[[Gentleman]]<br />[[Lady]]<br />[[Police Officer]] Actor<br />[[Captain Redbeard]] Actor<br />[[Quiky]]  +
Brown Hair<br />Red Hair  +
James Norrington (Video Game only) <br />Norrington (Disgraced)  +
[[Camilla]] (LEGO Battles)  +
Plain, with [[hair]]<br> Alternate, with hair<br> Diving gear<br> [[Helmet]]<br> Body Armor<br />  +
[[Quake]]  +
Helmet  +
Season 1 and 2 outfit<br>Season 3, 4 and 5 outfit<br>Season 7 outfit<br>Rebels  +
''The Clone Wars'' * See [[Clone Trooper]]  +
Alexa (party), Alexa Haroldson  +
[[LEGO The Hobbit: The Video Game]]  +
With Jetpack<br/>[[Alien Commander (Mars Mission)|Alien Commander]]  +
Normal<br>Green torso, blue head <small>([[Claw Game]] only)</small><br>Painted with yellow/dirt everywhere<br>Painted with blue/dirt everywhere<br>[[DUPLO]] [[DUPLO Figure|figure]]  +
Green<br>Red  +
Boy (Podracer, Version 1)<br /> Boy (Podracer, Version 2)<br /> Boy (Pilot, Version 1)<br /> Boy (Pilot, Version 2)<br /> Boy (Pilot, Version 3)<br /> Padawan (Version 1, cape)<br /> Padawan (Version 1, no cape)<br /> Padawan (Version 2) '"`UNIQ--ref-00000009-QINU`"'<br> The Clone Wars (Parka)<br /> The Clone Wars (Version 1)<br /> The Clone Wars (Version 2)<br /> Jedi Knight (Pilot)<br /> Jedi Knight (Light up lightsaber)<br /> Burnt (Version 1)<br /> Burnt (Version 2)<br /> Sith Apprentice (Version 1)<br /> Sith Apprentice (Version 2)<br /> * See also: [[Darth Vader]]  +
Orange/aquamarine<br />Green/white<br />Green/aquamarine <br>Blue/yellow<br>White/orange  +
[[Techdroid I]]  +
With Light<br /> With [[Helmet]]  +
Ant-Man<br>Small<br>[[Giant-Man]]<br>Ant-Man and The Wasp<br>Time Heist  +
Animated<br>Movie  +
New 52, Justice League  +
Regular  +
Keys pattern printed on legs  +
Season 1-2 Design<br />Season 3 Design<br />2003 Clone Wars  +
* White version * Silver version<br/> See [[Elite Assassin Droid]]   +
Large Visor, Transparent Visor  +
Blue Cap, Red Cap  +
[[Biff (LEGO Battles)|Biff]]  +
[[BB-8]]<br />[[BB-9E]]<br />[[C1-10P]]<br />[[Dark Blue Astromech Droid]]<br />[[M9-G8]]<br />[[R1-G4]]<br />[[R2-A5]]<br />[[R2-D2]]<br />[[R2-KT]]<br />[[R2-Q2]]<br />[[R2-Q5]]<br />[[R2-R7]]<br />[[R2-X2]]<br />[[R3-A2]]<br />[[R3-D5]]<br />[[R3-M3]]<br />[[R3-S6]]<br />[[R4-G0]] <br />[[R4-G9]] <br />[[R4-P17]]<br />[[R4-P44]]<br />[[R4-D5]]<br />[[R5-D4]]<br />[[R5-D8]]<br />[[R5-F7]]<br />[[R5-J2]]<br />[[R6-H5]]<br />[[R7-A7]]<br />[[R7-D4]]<br />[[R8-B7]]<br />[[T7-O1]] <br /> [[Q7 Astromech Droid]]  +
[[ADU Soldier]]<br /> [[M-Tron Astronaut]]<br /> [[Blacktron Astronaut]]<br /> [[M-Tron Jetpack Astronaut]]<br /> [[Yellow Lunar Command Astronaut]]<br /> [[Orange Lunar Command Astronaut]]<br /> [[Green Lunar Command Astronaut]]<br /> [[Blacktron Future Generation Astronaut]]<br /> [[ADU Sergeant]]<br /> [[ADU Rookie]]<br /> [[Ice Planet Astronaut]]<br /> [[Space Police II Officer]]<br /> [[Space Police III Officer]]<br /> [[Space Police I Officer]]<br /> [[Astronaut (City)]]<br /> [[Astronaut (Mars Mission)]]<br /> [[Blue Futuron Astronaut]]<br /> [[Yellow Futuron Astronaut]]<br /> [[Red Futuron Astronaut]]<br /> [[Blue Classic Spaceman]]<br /> [[Yellow Classic Spaceman]]<br /> [[Red Classic Spaceman]]<br /> [[Spaceman]]<br /> [[Space Woman]]<br /> [[Space Police III Commando]]<br /> [[ADU Computer Specialist]]<br /> [[Level One Master Builder Academy Minifigure]]<br /> [[Ashlee Starstrider]]<br /> [[Billy Starbeam]]<br /> [[Chuck Stonebreaker]]<br /> [[Jack Fireblade]]<br /> [[Solomon Blaze]]  +
Robed  +
At least 5  +
Different Helmet  +
''LEGO Batman''<br>''LEGO Batman 2''<br>LEGO Batman 3  +
See [[Rebel Pilot]]  +
Dark stone, gold, red, green  +
Regular<br/>Skeleton  +
[[Cairo Henchman]]<br />[[Cairo Swordsman]]  +
[[LEGO The Hobbit: The Video Game]]  +
2007 Batman Variation<br>2012 Redesign<br>The Dark Knight Rises  +
Normal  +
See Also: [[Batgirl]]  +
Regular, ''The Battle of the Five Armies''  +
[[LEGO The Lord of the Rings: The Video Game]]<br>[[LEGO The Hobbit: The Video Game]]  +
Film variant<br />''The Clone Wars'' variant  +
[[LEGO The Lord of the Rings: The Video Game]] <br> [[LEGO The Hobbit: The Video Game]]  +
Regular  +
Basic finger puppet figure, <br> Basic human body figure  +
Cape, no cape  +
Microfigure<br>Minifigure<br>See also: [[Barbara Gordon]]  +
See also: [[Bruce Wayne]]  +
Battle Droid with backpack<br/> Battle Droid with two curved arms<br/> Battle Droid with two straight arms<br/> Battle Droid with one straight and one curved arm<br/> Geonosis Battle Droid<br /> Geonosis Battle Droid (redesigned arm)  +
<br />Version 1<br />Version 2<br />Version 3<br />Geonosis  +
[[Viktor Krum]]  +
Jungle<br />Normal<br />Robes  +
[[Blue Classic Spaceman]]  +
Mars Mission outfit  +
Original variant<br/>2012 redesign variant<br/>''[[LEGO Star Wars: The Padawan Menace]]'' variant  +
Shire<br>Regular<br>Extended Edition<br>Good Morning Bilbo Baggins!<br>Lake-town  +
Regular<br>Possessed  +
White scarf and grey legs  +
[[Blue Futuron Astronaut]]<br />[[Red Futuron Astronaut]]<br />[[Yellow Futuron Astronaut]]<br />[[Space Police I Officer]]  +
Black legs, green legs, peg leg, brown hat  +
The Avengers<br>Avengers: Age of Ultron<br>Avengers: Infinity War<br>Avengers: Endgame<br>2021 film<br>Marvel's Avengers Game<br>White suit  +
[[Blacktron Future Generation Astronaut]]  +
[[Blacktron Astronaut Quincy]]<br>[[Blacktron Skeleton]]  +