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The Protectors are a group in the 2015 BIONICLE version. They are the elders and leaders of each area of Okoto, that helped the Toa in their search for the Golden Masks of Power, and they are the ones that summoned the Toa.Each has a special mask, called the Protector Mask, that allows them to suit the environment to suit with their needs, and it passed through generations from the older Protector to the younger. They carry also a special kind of weapons, called Elemental Rapid Shooters, that in the most times is forged in another weapon.



  • Although they have names, LEGO hid them, as the title of each of their set is ''Protector of ...'', followed by their respective element. Their names were revealed in the early June issue of the LEGO Club Magazine, along with Kulta's.
  • Narmoto is the only Protector that is known to have a descendant; a son.
  • Revenge of the Skull Spiders and Battle of the Mask Makers introduced the names of previous Protectors, who were visually identical to their descendants and even carried the same equipment. These were as follows:
    • Mamuk-Protector of Fire
    • Udapo/Uganu-Protector of Ice (name is different between the two works)
    • Agarak-Protector of Jungle, who was shown to be married with a son in Battle of the Mask Makers
    • Owa/Owaki-Protector of Water (see Udapo/Uganu)
    • Epolim/Etoku-Protector of Earth (see Udapo/Uganu)
    • Kerato-Protector of Stone
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