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Protocol Droids are minifigures based on a brand of droids of the same name in the Star Wars movies.


All protocol droids use normal minifigure body and leg shaped pieces. Most protocol droids share the same head piece as C-3PO, although they are coloured differently, excluding 4-LOM and the RA-7 Protocol Droid).

Protocol droids have appeared in all four LEGO Star Wars: Video Games.

List of Protocol Droids

C-3PO Variants

Gold C3P0.jpg
C-3PO Dark Pearl Gold.gif
9490 3p0.png
75059 1to1 002.jpg
20532096464 acb6109291.jpg
C-3PO 2016.jpg
The Original Pale Yellow C-3POThe 14-karat gold C-3PO from 2007A chrome C-3PO from 2007The re-coloured C-3PO from 2009Dark Pearl Gold2012 Redesign2014 RedesignEpisode VIISanta2016 Redesign

Other Protocol Droids

7879 Hoth Echo Base R-3PO.png
Protocol Droid.png
L (182).jpg
Lego u3po.jpg
29341205985 6011ab60b1 b.jpg
K-3POK-3PO RedesignR-3POTC-4TC-14Imperial Protocol Droid4-LOM (Game)4-LOMO-MR1W1-LEU-3PORA-7 droid from The Yoda ChroniclesBlack RA-7


  • TC-14 is often mistaken for an Episode II (Attack of the Clones) variant of C-3PO because of her silver plating.
  • TC-4 is often mistaken for R-3PO for the color they share.
  • O-MR1 and W1-LE are videogame exclusive characters. 4-LOM was originally videogame only, but a new set is being released that includes him.
  • The Imperial Protocol Droid, or "Death Star Droid" is actually a RA-7 series protocol droid, but he has the same head mold as the 3PO droids and TC droids. The light grey protocol droid that came in 75051 Jedi Scout Fighter was the first droid to have the correct head mold, followed by The Death Star Droid from the newer Death Star set, and then O-MR1.

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Minifigure +
Protocol Droid +
The Original Pale Yellow C-3PO +  and K-3PO +
Santa +  and O-MR1 +
2016 Redesign +  and W1-LE +
Black RA-7 +
K-3PO Redesign +
The 14-karat gold C-3PO from 2007 +  and R-3PO +
A chrome C-3PO from 2007 +  and TC-4 +
The re-coloured C-3PO from 2009 +
Dark Pearl Gold +
2012 Redesign +  and Imperial Protocol Droid +
2014 Redesign +  and 4-LOM (Game) +