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Race was a subtheme of Town and started in 1991 along with Houses, Nautica and Flight. It was a predecessor to Racers and comprised various vehicles and facilities related to racing sports. However, not every set that involved racing sports was a part of Race. The sets 6395 Victory Lap Raceway and 6381 Motor Speedway for example were released as part of Town.

Race started with only one vehicle set introduced in its first year, then continued to grow from there, finally becoming the second largest Town-subtheme after City.


Image#SetNumber of piecesMinifiguresPriceRelease
1272 Box1272Blue Racer22Barney$3.952000
1273 Rough Rider1273Red Four Wheel Driver20Wrench$4.002000
1282 Blue Racer1282Blue Racer23Barney 2000
1283 Box1283Red Four Wheel Driver20Wrench$3.992000
1284-Green Buggy1284Green Buggy23Lucky 2000
1285-Yellow Tiger1285Yellow Tiger231 2000
1461 Turbo Force1461Turbo Force31Eddie Octane 1992
14671467Race Car461 1987
1476 5 set Bonus Pack14765 Item Bonus Pack158$121991
14771477Red Race Car Number 3391 Driver$2.991991
14961496Rally Car521 1987
1497-11497Pitstop and Crew1092 1987
1517-1-9044059321517Race Car32Racer 1989
1518-1-9044060061518Race Car Repair822 1989
1528 Dragster1528Dragster241 1986
16111611Dune Buggy19 1991
1612-11612Victory Racer30Eddie Octane$2.751988
16311631Black Race Car23 1990
16651665Dual FX Racers108Eddie Octane, Race Driver, Starter$8.751990
16931693Race Car26 1992
17501750Renault Race Car331 1992
1760-11760Go-Cart161 1995
17621762Hot Wheels211 1995
18211821Rally Racers1963$11.001996
1890-11890Octan Racer471 1992
Display51899Weetabix Racer24Racer 1989
19661966Car Repair Shop2962 1985
19901990Octan F1 Race Car351 1993
19911991Racing Pickup811 1993
19931993Race Value Pack2204 1993
2535 Formula 1 Racer2535Formula 1 Racer291$2.001998
2886 Formula 1 Racing Car2886Formula 1 Racing Car25 1997
3056-13056Go-Kart231 1998
6334 Wave Jump Racers6334Wave Jump Racers175Indy LeMans, Racer, Judge, Official$22.001996
6335 Indy Transport6335Indy Transport384Turbo Charger, Mandy the Mechanic, Eddie Octane$33.001996
6337 Fast Track Finish6337Fast Track Finish329Spectator (x2), Mandy the Mechanic, Turbo Charger, Eddie Octane, Mechanic$44.001996
6381 Motor Speedway6381Motor Speedway1855$19.251987
6400- Race Buggy6400Go-Kart231 1997
6406-Buggy6406Go-Kart231 1997
6509-16509Red Devil Racer391 1991
6510-Mud Runner6510Mud Runner341 1991
6513 Glade Runner6513Glade Runner291 1993
6517 Water Jet6517Water Jet28Indy LeMans$3.501996
6519 Turbo Tiger6519Turbo Tiger42Chip$4.99 / €5.992000
6528-16528Sand Storm Racer331$3.751989
6537 Hydro Racer6537Hydro Racer481$4.501994
65386538Rebel Roadster571 1994
6539 Victory Cup Racers6539Victory Cup Racers4364 1993
Slick Racer6546Slick Racer39Eddie Octane$4.501996
6548 Octan Gas Station6548Octan Gas Station1253$24.001997
No image6551Chequered Flag 500   
65616561Hot Rod Club227Scruffy Sam, Driver, Mechanic$26.501994
6596 Front6596Wave Master1341$13.251995
6602-Scorpion Buggy6602Scorpion Buggy77Wrench$9.99 / €12.992000
6604-Formula-I Racer6604Formula-I Racer311 1985
6605-Road Racer6605Road Racer201 1984
6616-16616Rocket Dragster145Chip$19.99 / €24.992000
6617-16617Tough Truck Rally383Lucky, Barney, Race Official, Driver$50.002000
1272 Blue Racer6618Blue Racer22Barney 2000
1273 Rough Rider6619Red Four Wheel Driver20Wrench$4.002000
6634-Stock Car6634Stock Car47Race Car Driver 1986
6639-Raven Racer6639Raven Racer66Eddie Octane 1995
6646-Screaming Patriot6646Screaming Patriot651$6.751991
Mag Racer6648Mag Racer621 1992
6663-16663Wave Rebel741 1993
6670-16670Rescue Rig1121$9.951993
6707 Green Buggy6707Green Buggy23Lucky 2000
6713-1-16713Grip 'n' Go Challenge291Referee, Lucky, Wrench$30.00 / €37.992000
6714 Box6714Speed Dragster76Barney$15.00 / €15.992000
79974-Race Pack79974Race Pack  2000



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