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Racer,[1] also known as Race Driver,[2] is a City Great Vehicles minifigure introduced in 2015.


Racer has black torso, gloves, and pants with bright red sleeves. His torso features red and white printing, with a yellow "S" logo on both the front and back. His face is printed with silver sunglasses. He is usually depicted wearing a bright red cap, although he also comes with a bright red Mini Crash Helmet with transparent brown Mini Visor 2 as alternate headwear.


Racer is an ace rider of the LEGO City motorbike race team. With a fellow Race Driver, he rides the Racing Bike Transporter to the stadium, where his high-speed race bike is unloaded for racing at the circuit.[2] He set the all-time best lap record and won the 99th Brick World Racing Contest. Since he always wears sunglasses, he is rumored to have beautiful eyes.[1]

In LEGO Quest & Collect, Racer is a Physical Attacker hero with the skills "Award Ceremony", "Speed Star", and "Blind Removal".


Videogame Appearances

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NAME: Racer
Racer appeared in the 99th Brick World Racing Contest, easily winning the event and setting the all-time best lap record. Rumor has it that Racer has beautiful eyes, but he never takes his sunglasses off to show them to anyone!