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Radio Control (also known as RC) is a technology used for wireless controlling of components in certain LEGO sets. In 2009 the more or less outstanding RC-technology feature became the central part of the Power Functions system.


Originally, RC was a theme introduced in 1998. It came back for 2001, but did not last to 2002. However, from 2003 as a part of Racers called RC Racers. Later some other themes were featured by RC as well.

RC featured Themes[]

RC based Sets[]

Image#SetNumber of piecesMinifiguresPriceRelease
5599 Radio Control Racer5599Radio Control Racer2921$79.992001
670-2-1107879870670Wheel Pack10$13.002004
671RA671Antenna Pack13$6.002004
673-2.1126922934.thumb2673Gearbox Pack6$30.002004
78957895Switching Tracks8$15.99 / €16.992006
78967896Straight & Curved Rails16$15.99 / €16.992006
7897 Box7897Passenger Train501Train Conductor, Passenger (2)$89.99 / €89.992006
7898 Box7898Cargo Train Deluxe8565$102.75 / €169.992006
7938-Boxart7938Passenger Train6693$129.99 / €109.99June 4, 2010 (UK) June 14, 2010 (US)
7996-17996Train Rail Crossing for RC Trains4$24.99 / €19.992007
Tran77997Train Station3874, Business Man Trent$44.99 / €37.992007
8183-18183Track Turbo RC92$39.992009
Lego81848184Twin X-treme RC239 2009
8366-28366Supersonic RC423$129.992003
83698369Dirt Crusher RC90$139.992004 / 2006
83768376Hot Flame RC Car257$79.992003
8378 Red Beast RC8378Red Beast RC71$39.992004
8675-Outdoor Challenger8675Outdoor Challenger104$159.992006
8676 Sunset Cruiser8676Sunset Cruiser58$59.992006
8866-0000-xx-12-18866Train Motor7$10.99 / €12.992009
8879-0000-xx-12-18879Power Functions IR Speed Remote Control $12.99 / €14.492009
K7895K7895Oval Track for RC Trains40$44.992006
Track packK7896Deluxe Track for RC Trains72$83.992006
Rc9203-1RC9203Remote Controlled Buggy Set21 2005