Ragana Shadowflame is an Elves mini-doll figure released in 2016. She is a fire elf, turned witch elf.


The Elf Witch is a fire elf born with very weak magic powers. She felt left out and alone and instead of training she learned how to boost her magic using other means. This started her on a dark path. Her mood she change from cool cunning to raging temper just like that. She will say or do anything to get her way.

  • Strengths: Calculating, persuasive, thrives in her own company, strong-willed.
  • Flaws: Deceitful, cynical, fiery tempered, willful, immoral, power hungry.
  • Skills: Magic powers beyond any elf, but her powers are not connected to any element. She can manipulate most objects however not in a “natural” way like the elves.
  • Favorite things: Precious stones, crystals, dragons, magic objects - and dragon EGGS!
  • Did you know: Her cat, Jynx, is the only magical creature who knows Ragana – and still wants to spend time with her…



  • She is the first villain to appear in Elves.