Rajah is a cat figure released in 2015.


Raja is a small tiger, he is yellow flamish orange in colour. His head is rounded and he has two rounded ears at the top. On his head between his ears, there's a hole for an accessory. The interior of his ears is mainly cream but has a dark brown stripe. Raja's face also has dark brown stripes on it. He has blue eyes with black eyebrows and eyelashes. Around his eyes and snout there are tan circles. His snout also has a pink nose and black smiling mouth. Raja has a short rounded neck, body and legs. His paws are outlined with white with dark brown claws at the bottom. On the top of his body there is dark brown stripes. His tail is rounded and it curves down.


Rajah is Jasmine's pet tiger, who is fiercely protective of her and helps her to woo away her pompous would-be suitors. Rajah mistrusts Prince Ali at first, as he seems just like the other suitors, but after Jasmine falls in love with Ali, Rajah warms up to him.

Rajah is a huge tiger, but Jafar turns him into a small kitten to stop him from attacking.