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Ramas are race-loving aliens from the planet Xalax. In sets, they were a type of piece that was used in place of a Minifigure in the 2001 Xalax sets. Ramas are slightly taller then an average LEGO brick.


Ramas are (as seen in LEGO Racers 2) short creatures with stubby bodies/heads, and long legs, although their LEGO versions only show the the legs as quite stubby via some printing. All of the LEGO versions of Ramas show them holding a small steering wheel.


Video Game Appearances



  • In Lego Racers 2, they are Rocket Racer's trainers. They also help train you in one of the bonus levels
  • There's an unnamed Rama as a place holder for any Random Rama that might appear in 1202 Racer Polybag. It resembles Lightor and Subzero except its orange instead of being red.


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