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The Ranger is a microfigure introduced in the 2011 subtheme Heroica. He has a special ability in game to move 1 space and defeat any monster up to five spaces away in a straight line. This special ability is mimicked by the bow weapon available in game from the store.


Born with a bow in his hand, the Ranger grew up in the forests of Ennon. He is now a master marksman whose skill is unmatched across the land. Together with his trusty bow, the Ranger roams the land in search of adventure, and freeing the land of monsters will be his greatest challenge.


  • The Ranger's description in the hero quiz is: "4-6 points. When your friends are in trouble, you are the one they want in their corner and you never hesitate to defend them. You mostly act on instinct and that works well for you maybe 9 out of 10 times. You probably have a funny story or two about the times it didn’t go so well?"

Ranger from the Book of Lore quiz on LEGO.com


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