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Rawzom is a Legends of Chima minifigure released in 2013.


Rawzom is mainly black, with small amounts of purple, gold, red, and grey. On his legs he has three grey talons on each foot as well as goldish-tan knee protectors and purple feathers on his upper left leg, and a grey pouch on his right. He has gray stripes going all over his torso, with the raven symbol on his back. He has purple hands and black arms. He has a new armor piece in gold or sliver, depending on which set with his black wings attached to the back and a flat, transparent blue stud on the front. His head is double sided with a crown on each side along with squinting yellow eyes and a gray beak. His helmet is also black with red markings and a gold crown, along with a black beak.


Rawzom is the Grand Thief Master, or king, of the Raven tribe, although Razar seems to do most of the leading in the show. He and his fellows, including Razar, Rizzo and his accountant Razcal, sided with the Crocodiles and Wolves in the conflict spanning all of Chima. Like all Ravens, Rawzom specialises in stealth and thievery. Descriptions This is a description taken from Do not modify it.


Grand Thief Master of the Ravens, Rawzom is not above petty thievery when the mood strikes him. He’s slick and practiced – be sure to double-check your pockets if he gets anywhere near! In addition to his petty larceny, Rawzom has excellent eyesight, making him a perfect tracker from high above CHIMA.


  • Rawzom is the king of the raven tribe, as stated here.
  • In the March-April LEGO Magazine they misspelled his name Rawzum, and as well in the description for the weapon Slashersekt, he is named as "Rawsom" several times.
  • His tribe lives for trinkets and treasures and will do anything to get them.
  • He is the only one in his tribe not to have prosthetics.



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