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Razcal is a Legends of Chima minifigure released in 2013.


Razcal’s legs have grey claws printed on them, as well as some gold, purple, and grey details above there. The hips have gold detailing in the center and a bit of grey around the gold. The torso is not less detailed than the legs. On the front, it has a light blue circle on the chest, some gold above it and around it, and a lot of grey and purple details all over it. On the back, there is less detailing. There are a few printed grey pockets with gold on them, and some purple feathers printed all around the back. There are also two grey straps next to the arms that continue on the front. The arms are plain black with purple hands. A light grey armour piece can be fit on the torso. A transparent light blue flat stud can be put on its front, and two black wings on the back. The head is double-sided, one side being calm, and the other one with wide open eyes and an open grey beak. A raven head can be put on the regular minifigure head. It has a grey beak with gold on top of it. There are two holes for the eyes, with a few rings printed above them.


Razcal flies a Glider for the Raven faction of Legends of Chima. His companions in mischief are Razar, Rawzom, and Rizzo. Razcal has a “prosthetic” upper beak, made of gold. According to the background colour of the minifigure lists, located on the fronts of the boxes, Razcal and his Raven companions are allied with the Crocodile and Wolf factions. In The Snowball Effect, he and Razar look at the rhinos (Now intelligent due to being near the Rhinoceros Legend) make gold, silver and steel out of the rocks and plan to steal it. They later become frozen by Maula and the other mammoths. Description This is a description taken from Do not modify it.


Razcal is the Raven tribe’s accountant. All Ravens steal, but not all of them count. That’s where Razcal comes in. He keeps track of everything the Ravens pilfer, and figures out its value (adjusting for inflation and other “market forces”). It’s important for the Ravens to get a sense of where they are in the continuum of crime. The Ravens derive a lot of status from their ability to steal early and often, so Razcal’s “official count” is often the barometer of success within the Tribe. Without him, they’d just be thieves. WITH him, they can be “Master Thieves.”

Gallery of Variants

Silver ArmourBig Silver Armour


  • His name is a play on the word Rascal.


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