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"Gimme an even louder L, E, G and O! All right!"
―Red Cheerleader

The Red Cheerleader is a minifigure released in September 2012 as part of 8833 Minfigure Series 8.


She has a black hair piece, a red torso with the A letter on it, a white skirt, and two red and white pom-poms. She has a smiling face with red lips.


  • She is very similar, if not a recolor of the Cheerleader from Series 1, having similar printing, the same pom-poms and the same hairpiece, but in different colours.
  • The "A" on her torso represents the last initial of Matthew Ashton, Vice President of design of the LEGO Group.[1]
  • Her quote is similar to the Cheerleader's, except that she's trying to one-up her competition.
  • She also appeared in the preliminary cover of the Amazing Minifigure Ultimate Sticker Collection, but is replaced by the Super Wrestler in the final cover.
  • In The LEGO Movie Video Game, she appears on a billboard in the Escape From Bricksburg level.
  • She, along with Cheerleader and Zombie Cheerleader, are the 3 cheerleaders in the minifigures theme.
  • She can be seen on the LEGO Life Magazine page of LEGO.Com when a user signs up for a LEGO Life Magazine.

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“Gimme an even louder L, E, G and O! All right!”

While totally proud of her home team and wanting to do all she can to cheer the players on, the Red Cheerleader is also extremely competitive with her rivals on other cheer squads. Whatever the opposing team’s cheerleaders do, she feels like her squad needs to do it even bigger, better, and with more gusto.

Sometimes that leads her to go a little over the top with the cheering displays she puts together. It all started simply enough, with synchronized cartwheels and the occasional human pyramid. But that led to acrobatics…and then fireworks…and then parade floats…and then they hired that skywriter jet…and before her squad knew it, more people were coming to watch the cheering than the game!



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