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Red Harrington is a minifigure introduced in 2013 as part of the The Lone Ranger theme.


Red has a smirking face with large, pink lips and a raised eyebrow. She has tall and wavy, dark orange hair with two strands coming down her front. One is braided, while the other is not. She has a small, pale green cowboy hat tilted forward on top of her hairpiece with a red ribbon decorated around it, which can be removed from and attached to her hair in the way that Friends hair accessories are attached. Her torso is red in colour with an "hourglass" shape detailed on. Her chest is open under the neck with pauldrons laced with white on either side. In the center of her torso is a black corset which extends down onto her hips. One of Red's legs is white in colour with an intricate net printed while the other is plain red. The white leg represents an ivory peg leg. In between her hips and torso is a skirt piece which extends backwards.

Red carries a black revolver.


Red has a background with Butch Cavendish who was the man who gave her the ivory peg-leg causing her to seek revenge. Red is an entertainer who has problems with rowdy customers and tries to protect her employees. She puts up signs saying, ""Any bad behavior and you will be shot", and has fulfilled this promise in the past. She agrees to help the Lone Ranger and Tonto hunt down a gang to further her own desire for revenge on the man who was responsible for the loss of her leg. She is an excellent shot with her pistol and her ornate ivory peg leg has a double-barreled gun in it. Description This is a description taken from Do not modify it.

Red Harrington is the manager of Red's Traveling Entertainments. It's not easy to win her trust, but she's a good friend to have on your side... especially when you're after the man who left her with an ivory leg.




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