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Reimagined is a series of Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu shorts released in 2021 to celebrate the theme's tenth anniversary.


Golden Legend

In a dystopian future version of Ninjago, a mysterious samurai warrior proceeds through the ruins of civilization. As they do, a voice narrates how the world has changed since "time still had a name", with the Ninja having gone from protectors to needing protection themselves. As the warrior begins climbing a tall spire of rock, a dragon appears to confront it, and the two enter into a fierce battle. The warrior, seemingly victorious, approaches what appears to be a statue of the six Ninja made out of gold.

Before the warrior reaches the statue, the dragon attacks again, impaling the wanderer with its tail. However, the warrior proves to be an inhuman beast, one of many apparently seeking the destruction of the petrified Ninja. The narrator proves to be the dragon itself, tasked with protecting its masters, the Ninja. Despite its many adversaries, the creature remains determined to fulfill its task, guarding the Ninja until they awaken once more. As it contemplates this, the golden shell on the face of one of the Ninja begins to crack...

Gold Rush

Kai and Nya are racing to Borg Tower in the X-1 Ninja Charger, doing their best to beat a tide of monstrous creatures known as Shadow Banshees. According to Cyrus Borg, the beasts can only be defeated with the proper placement of the Idol of Unity, which the siblings are transporting-albeit broken in half. Engaged in a typical sibling spat, the pair attempt to fight off the banshees using their vehicle's defenses. Nya goes from driving the car to operating its motorcycle, and the pair each compete to reach the tower first. Before they can do so, however, a mass of Shadow Banshees encircles the tower, creating a blanket of darkness into which brother and sister crash their vehicles, which are destroyed.

After briefly losing each other in the darkness, Kai and Nya reconnect and, despairing, embrace one another gratefully. The two halves of the idol begin to glow, making the pair realize that unity is the key; they reconnect the idol pieces, transforming them into Golden Ninja. The power boost allows them to restore the X-1, which is granted the power of flight as they reenter battle with the Shadow Banshees. After a brief clash, they are successful in placing the repaired idol atop the tower, which banishes the Shadow Banshees. Cyrus congratulates the pair, noting that they both saved the day after they briefly argue over their respective parts in the battle; though they agree, it doesn't take long for them to start bickering again as they drive away.

A Day in the Life of a Golden Ninja

Sweatin' to the Goldies

Gayle Gossip reports on the premiere of Clutch Powers' exceedingly long musical biopic "Clutch Powers: A Musical Life", only to be interrupted by Clutch himself holding what appears to be a magic lamp. Jay and Zane are special guests at the premiere, with Zane expressing bafflement at the events of the film. Before the pair can get to the after-party Jay has been anticipating, they receive a notification that someone has broken into the Ninjago Museum of History. The two rush to the scene to find that the criminal responsible goes by the name Reflectra.

The bedazzled cat burglar proves to be a formidable foe, capable of redirecting any attack-whether elemental or Spinjitzu-that the two Ninja throw at her. Learning that Reflectra has studied their movies, Zane suggests that they need to do something unpredictable, and decides that Clutch's film is the perfect inspiration. He and Jay thus launch into a rendition of one of the musical numbers from the movie, much to Reflectra's consternation. Unable to counter the bizarre offensive, Reflectra is soon defeated, though Jay insists that they not tell Clutch about this incident as they haul her away.

Golden Hour

Picking up during the closing events of Lost in Time, Wu is locked in battle with Acronix and Krux as the Iron Doom speeds out of control through time. The Time Twins seek to recover the three remaining Time Blades, but are caught with Wu in a surge of energy. The trio suddenly find themselves at the Fire Temple volcano, watching Kai attempting to save Lloyd, and realize that they have traveled back in time. Krux eagerly seeks to interfere with history, but Wu blocks him, sending him and both his foes back to the Iron Doom. Wu grows younger upon their return, leading the Time Twins to realize that he has been affected by the energies of the Reversal Blade and could serve as a power source for them to regain control of the Iron Doom.

As they struggle, the group is sent back to the moment when Lloyd unlocked his full elemental powers at the Temple of Light. Another trip sends them to the day Garmadon was bitten by the Great Devourer, where Wu resists the temptation to change his brother's past. Further trips see them at the Ninjago Museum of History as the Ninja face the Giant Stone Warrior, in the Digiverse as Zane confronts the Overlord, in Ninjago City as the Ninja face the Great Devourer, and in Merlopia behind a squad of Maaray Guards. All the while Wu is getting progressively younger until he is left a child, with the Time Twins anticipating that they will now be able to defeat him. However, Wu breaks away from the fight and grabs the Iron Doom's time travel motor, which explodes after coming into contact with his residual Reversal Blade energy. In the aftermath, the crippled vehicle is left stranded outside of time, and Wu has reverted to infancy.