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Relay Runner is part of the 8909 Team GB Minifigures series, introduced in 2012 to coincide with the Olympics.


The Relay Runner has legs printed with white shoes, a band of yellow skin, and blue shorts. He has a white torso is printed with a red & white striped tank top, with the Team GB logo on it in white. He wears a tag printed with the words "TEAM GB", and his number, "1948". He has bare yellow arms and hands. He has a smiling expression, and has brown eyebrows and hair.
Like all Team GB minifigures, he wears a red and gold medal.


  • 1948, the year on the Runner's tag, is the year the Olympics were last held in Britain before 2012.

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Relay Runner

Sprinting to reach the winning line, could this give Team GB a relay team victory?