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Rench is a green-skinned alien criminal who appears in the Space Police III line.


His head is much like Kranxx's, having the same shape, but coloured lime. His bio says that he is the third "nega-cousin" of Kranxx, explaining the similarities. His crimes are planetoid smashing, crunching prison pod walls, and bashing ultra-steel barriers. Rench is not very bright, but he loves to break things. He is the hired muscle of the Black Hole Gang.


  • Rench's uniform sports a Blacktron II logo, so it is possible that he may be a member of the Blacktron organization. This is hinted at in the police log, as he was noted to be possibly hired by 'someone big'. It also hinted that the 'someone big' is Brick Daddy.
  • He is armed with a laser gun that seems to be powered by 'Fractal Gas'. When it runs out of Fractal Gas the gun is rendered useless.
  • His uniform is also a variant of the Blacktron I uniform.
  • When LEGO first introduced the set in the LEGO Club Magazine, Rench was named "Wrench".
  • In May the 4th be with you, Rench is seen talking to a Manta Warrior with Bib Fortuna's body.
  • His head was the original idea for the Alien Clinger.
  • His head is the same used in Kranxx in an other colour.
  • He and Squidtron are only criminals which didn't appear in any of Space Police videos.
  • In set 71741 Ninjago City Gardens, there is poster refferending to Space Police III. Poster feature Rench.