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The Republic Captain is a Star Wars themed minifigure released in 2007 for the set 7665 Republic Cruiser.


This minifigure has a plain dark blue leg piece, and a blue torso with flesh-coloured hands. The torso has printing on the front of it - a belt is printed at the bottom in black with silver detailing, and black and dark blue is used for the outlining and shape of the uniform. The head piece is flesh-coloured, with two black dot eyes and a smiling mouth printed on, and a black commonly used hair piece is used.


This individual was known to have served the Galactic Republic as a captain on the Radiant VII, a cruiser which transported diplomats to their required destinations. However, she was killed along with Antidar Williams when battle droid turrets open fired on the Radiant VII.


  • Due to the minifigure's characteristics and the fact that this minifigure is one of two crewmembers in the set representing the Radiant VII, it is likely that this minifigure is based on the character Maoi Madakor, the female captain on the Radiant VII, however this has never been confirmed by LEGO. LEGO Star Wars Character Encyclopedia also speculates that this figure may be Madakor.


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