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Res-Q is a Town subtheme which focused on rescue missions. Most of the sets were released in 1998. After the theme's discontinuation, the Res-Q organization made a few cameo appearances in Studios, Football, and Jack Stone, as a rescue service. Res-Q sets and Res-Q styled boats have appeared in LEGO Island 2.


Most Res-Q sets, excepting 1069 Speedboat, had a bright yellow and black colour scheme, with additional white pieces, lights in transparent red, transparent blue, and transparent yellow, and transparent blue cockpits. Only four of the sets did not include a land vehicle - these were 1069 Speedboat and the identical 1097 RES-Q Runner, 6415 Res-Q Jet-Ski, and 6428 Wave Saver. The theme possesses a total of 6 constructed land vehicles and two motorcycles, for a total of 8 ground vehicles. All of the land vehicles are fairly small, and the largest is included in 6479 Emergency Response Center. The only digging/rubble clearing vehicle is included in 6473 Res-Q Cruiser. Res-Q has two aircraft - the small helicopter in 6479 Emergency Response Center, and 6462 Aerial Recovery, a large helicopter and the second largest vehicle in the theme. Res-Q also possesses a hovercraft, one of the few released - 6473 Res-Q Cruiser, and has four other water vehicles: 6451 River Response, 1069 Speedboat, 1097 RES-Q Runner, 6415 Res-Q Jet-Ski, and 6428 Wave Saver. The base of the theme is 6479 Emergency Response Center, which is a small base and four vehicles.

List of sets

Image#SetNumber of piecesMinifiguresPriceRelease
1069 Speedboat.jpg1069Speedboat221 1999
1097 Box.jpg1097RES-Q Runner181$2.001999
2882-1.jpg2882Speedboat221 1997
2962 ResQ Lifeguard.jpg2962Res-Q Lifeguard702$6.751998
4622-12.jpg4622ResQ Digger652$20.002002
5314 RES-Q Tools.jpg5314RES-Q Tools31$3.001999
5319 RES-Q Vehicle Accesories.jpg5319RES-Q Vehicle Accessories19$3.501999
6415-1.jpg6415Res-Q Jet-Ski171$1.991998
6415-1.jpg6428Wave Saver171$1.991998
6431 Road Rescue.jpg6431Road Rescue471$4.001998
6445 Emergency Evac.jpg6445Emergency Evac1011$8.001998
6451 River Response.jpg6451River Response1453$22.001998
6462 Box.jpg6462Aerial Recovery2013$25.001998
6473-1.1175271529.thumb2.jpg6473Res-Q Cruiser3053$38.501998
6479-1.jpg6479Emergency Response Center4205$60.001998


Red-Haired WomanRes-Q Male with Helmet and LifejacketRes-Q Life GuardRes-Q Male with yellow legsRes-Q Male with Moustache and HatRes-Q Male White HelmetRes-Q DiverExtreme Team Diver


Sets including Res-Q team members

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