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This site is a link collection for things you might need to create an article or for your own enjoyment building with LEGO bricks.

  • LEGO Users Group Network (, special have much information about sets and even LEGO parts. If you want to know wich sets were released in 1979 you can find it here.
  • The Brickfactory ( will serve you with online building instructions and catalogs. Search in the database for name or number or even theme or year. All are scans from users and so not all instructions are available or the quality might be better some time. But you can support this page by scanning your instructions and uploading them to the site.
  • Peeron ( is an online set database that will give you detailed information about sets and parts of our favorite toy company and the colour in wich you can get them. If you want to get this part or set right at this moment a link to a shop is not far away. Maybe you already have this part? Peeron will give you an inventory of every set and back, which part you can find in wich set. You will not find any storylines there.
  • ( is a database which contains the names, numbers, pieces and pictures of sets. Also (with help from Bricklink) it contains information on what minifigures are in each set.
  • ( is a Community of LEGO users with a forum set up around an online shop and database. People sell their LEGO products here, but also it has a catalog, which contains Sets, "Gear" (e.g. Clothes, Stationery), minifigures and pieces. It also has set inventories, which differ from the Peeron counterparts, as Bricklink include minifigure(s) as one piece and also mention what alternate parts and similar set releases and country of release if not released world wide.