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"Toxic away! Right into the heart!"

Retox is a villain in the Ultra Agents theme, and a henchman of Toxikita released in 2014.


Retox has a bowler hat in brown, the same mould as used with Dr. Rodney Rathbone and Businessman. His face and body appear to be made of sludge. His head is transparent green, with a smile depicting rotten teeth and red eyes. He has a grey shirt on with black stripes formed in an horizontal pattern, with crossed brown belts in his torso, holding toxic chemicals and another belt in his waist, with bags at his right and a silver buckle on his left side. The back of his torso follows the same pattern of black stripes and has the rest of the crossed brown belts from the front. His back printing also features a silver radio that appears to have toxic splashes on it. He has brown legs with no printing on it, lime green arms and grey hands.


Retox's backstory was never revealed, although it can be assumed that he got sucked in one of AntiMatter's portals or became a victim of Toxikita.

In the Ultra Agents App, he and Toxikita planned to steal a crystal of Pollutonium in Pointer Island's research lab. However, their plan failed and they retreated on a helicopter, with Retox being the pilot.

He never appeared nor was even mentioned in Ultra Agents: The AntiMatter Missions and it is unknown if he was captured and imprisoned by the Ultra Agents at some point in time or not. Description This is a description taken from Do not modify it. (visit this item's product page)


Toxikita's henchman


App Appearances


  • Since he appears to be completely made of sludge, it is unknown if he was once human and turned into sludge (similarly to Adam Acid) or if he was always that way.
  • He is voiced by Spike Spencer in the Ultra Agents App.
  • He, along with his partners, Toxikita and Adam Acid, were the only ones to not appear during AntiMatter's attack.
  • He appears to dislike Adam Acid, as he immediately blamed him of the Agents being at the laboratories before than them. And also, by saying that they are better without him.
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