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Awesome, Awesome, Akay...

So recently I got this set and lets just say it is not what it is said to be. The quality is pleh, the colours art okay, the printing is weak, and finally it brings me no interest.

The Packaging


Packaging is key when it comes to selling anything. Like all LEGO Friends sets it comes in the Purplish/Pinkish box which is all the same. It is all but it still looks nice the overall box. Overall on the box I give it a 3.75 of Five stars.

The Set

The actual set is very simple to build and I did it without instructions and rather just looked at the box. (that is why I didn't review the instructions). The set contains a nice variety of colour but I wish though it has maybe a little less for those of us who are a bit more drab.

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The Minidoll

Like all minidolls, they are four pieces which is nice. Mia looks great but the printing could be better. Overall I give her a 4.5.


Overall, I think this is an okay set. I would recommend it for people who like easy to build sets despite some quality issues. Thanks for reading!

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