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I think I have said before I like the Mining sets, and this was fairly cheap, so I received this for Christmas. One of the things I admire about the mining sets is that they have some good pieces, and is something different to the normal happy police officers, and the happy firefighters.

I had my eye on this set for a few reasons:

  • Was on sale for $19.
  • Had two figs, and two vehicles, plus some accessories.

So, onto the review.

The Box

Interesting size for the box, very similar to 79001 Escape from Mirkwood Spiders, but heaps cheaper.


Two figs, which is goooood.

Generic Miner #1


The helmet is good, and I like the use of the 1x1 flat stud, which is GREAT, and you get an extra, which is good. The torso is a nice print, and it has no skin colour marks, so you could use it with flesh figures, too. Normal un-printed pants, you'd have thought they'd reuse some from Power Miners.

Generic Miner #2


Another generic fig with nothing new to it, apart from the helmet. Not too much to say about him.

The Build

Very easy, tagged with the "Modular Build - Easy Start" on the top-right hand corner of the box.

The Set

Two vehicles, both well made.


4201 alt5

(I assume this is the tipper, but you could load stuff on it ._.) Looks good, and nice use of the new screen from Star Wars. Very easy to open the top, no other pieces going with it, which is good. The tipping part looks good. Only complaint is that there isn't too many good reuse pieces, or good, interesting ones.


4201 alt4

This is a good build, and a nice mechanism with the lifting bit. It's just very, very small. Fits into your palm. Nice cosy bit for the figure, too. There is also a few other pieces, like the rock, stick of dynamite, with timer, and a sign.


The only thing I don't like is that it feels somewhat lacking in something - probably play features. I would like to see another miner thing in here, like a few more accessories, but for a "modular" easy start set, this is pretty good. This is a good set, and actually well priced, $19 is about right for a set of this size, and it doesn't seem at all bad.

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Value for Money
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- Cz

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