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The set I am reviewing is 6467 Power Pitstop. It was a limited release City Center set released in 1999.

First, let's take a look at the Minifigures; one Octan Worker and a Racer. The Octan Worker has a very cute and simple face, and the Racer does too. The workers' clothing is nice and simple as well, but the thing I like the most about the Minifigures in this set is the Racer's suit; it's not too simple (like the older Racer sets), and not too complicated (like today's Racer sets); it's just perfect. Overall, the Minifigures' designs are an A+.

Next, let's look at the Racecar that the Racer Minifigure can drive around. The look of the car overall is just like the Minifigures' clothing; not too simple, not too complicated, just right. But, one thing I don't like about it was how the Racer's arms couldn't fit, so they have to be sticking straight up out of the car. Overall, I'd give the car a B.

Now, it's time for the main part of the set; the Power Pitstop! The look is, well, okay, but the printed piece, a timer that times the pit stop, is absolutely gorgeous. It reads "3.09" in alarm clock font, with the Octan logo at the bottom. There's also a printed stop sign, which I liked, but it got lost a while back so I can't really review that part. Now, for the tools; the tools on the toolrack are pretty good, they're holdable for the workers, and are great for young kids to play with; but the one tool that was absolutely amazing was the car jack. Those are used to lift the car up so that the workers can change the tires. It actually works! And it works really well, too! I would think that it'd work, well, okay, but it actually worked really well. There's spare tires on a tire rack as well, so it's good for young kids to play with as well.

Overall, I really like this set. It's simple, functional, fun, and the Minifigures are great too. I wish LEGO still made simple Octan Racers sets like this today!

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