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This set, however awesome, is over priced and I would recommend it to you if you really prefer looks over price. I does look fairly similar to the one from 2007 so if you missed out then then now is your time. However the old one was cheaper and featured a Vulture Droid. This one has more mini figures, a Destroyer Droid and another little vehicle. I do like this set a lot and am not putting it down at all for that but the price isn't the greatest whatsoever.

The mini figures are cool and there is a new Anakin Skywalker as a boy which looks fairly similar to the old one but has a slightly different torso and face print. R2-D2 is the as before really but still a nice addition. The Naboo Pilot is cool but detail is lacking a bit on him. The Security Battle Droids are awesome and very detailed for a Battle Droid. They have very fine detail on their body and have printing on the back of their head too.

Its your choice whether you count it as a mini figure or not but the set also features a newly designed Destroyer Droid and it is one of the key reasons why some fans, myself included, went for this set. It has a nice design and really does look the part. The set also has a little vehicle that has a boarding ladder, a tool kit and some spare missiles. It is a nice addition to the set and looks okay. There is also a stand which you can attach the starfighter to.

The star fighter itself is very similar to the old one. However it does have some different features like the flick fire missiles (which I think work more as bombs) and the ejection of R2-D2 which works fairly well in my opinion. The ejection feature is basically the same as in 8093 Plo Koon's Starfighter so owners of that set can probably relate well.

The set does feature stickers which are small and a pain for some people but they do add some extra detail but won't make the set look bad if they are absent.

It also has some antenna pieces that look good but break off easily so they may be lost if handled by young children. However the set would look bad and inaccurate if they aren't included.

So overall it is a nice set and if you can find it on a special offer then I say buy it but at full retail price its not your best bet. So I hope you liked my review and I also hope that this has helped you to deicide whether to buy this set or not.

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