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                       Fairly good set

I purchased this set at a local store recently and was pleased with it. The set includes the V-wing Starfighter, a redesigned Imperial Pilot and a new R2-Q2 Astromech droid.

-The starfighter.

  • The starfighter is sturdy and an easy build. It is mostly comprised of black and light grey bricks, has an opening cockpit with room for one minifigure, and a rotating wing function. There are four guns, two on each wing. The rear of the ship has two transparent yellow plates simulating engine exhaust. There are only six stickers. Unfortunately, there is no droid socket, there is room only for R2-Q2's head to be put on, reminiscent of older starfighter sets. The wing function is sturdy, although a bit too easy to turn and rather ugly, detracting from the starfighter's appearance.


There are two minifigures included. They are both exclusive to this set.

  • Imperial pilot

The Imperial pilot is completely molded in black and has a newly printed head, torso and helmet. The helmet is the same used for the Clone Pilot and Captain Jag from 8088 ARC-170 starfighter. It has silver Imperial markings and grey stripes and highlights. The head has a simulated air mask with silver eye markings and grey profile printings.The torso is identical to an ordinary clone pilot, but in different colors. The torso has printing on both front and back. The back has straps, a belt and a backpack printings, all in grey. The front has a belt, air hoses and a control unit, also in grey with a little red and blue. The legs are unprinted.

  • R2-Q2

R2-Q2 is a silver astromech droid. He has standard astromech printing in black, white and grey with a little red and blue.


  • Sturdy
  • Exclusive minifigures
  • Few stickers


  • No droid socket
  • Limited playability
  • Mechanism for wing function looks ugly

Recommended If

  • You are a STAR WARS fan
  • You have other Lego STAR WARS sets
  • You want the exclusive minifigures

Not Recommended

  • For a first STAR WARS set
  • If you want maximum playability

This is a nice, sturdy set.

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