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Hello and welcome to my review of 8005 Ice Explorer! This is a small but sweet little set that I bought off Bricklink along with some BIONICLE sets and a Slizer. The seller didn't have the box or bag, so I won't be able to look into that unfortunately. Let's go on to the instructions instead.


The instructions, like the modern-day polybag instructions we get, come like a leaflet, folded up. Strangely no Roboriders logo is present, just it's master theme, TECHNIC. The art here depicts the Ice Explorer flying through a chilly environment. Once we fold it out we can see that one side contains the actual instructions for the model and the other side adverts for the 2000 Slizer and main Roboriders sets. In the Slizer section both "Slizer" and "Throwbots" logos are present, presumably so they can sell the same copy in different countries without causing confusion.

The build

It's quite a "technical" build, involving all sorts of different-length axles and liftarms, but not too complicated of course. Those cogs in the middle create a simple but fun function: let's look into that here.


The (rarer-coloured) blue bush, when turned, causes the main propeller to spin around. I find it easier to do when holding the model by the skates in my right hand so it doesn't stop when it hits my fingers.


Overall, it's a great model and has some nice parts for you collectors (blue bush, lightsaber blades, printed head). I just wish they still made TECHNIC sets like this: tiny and affordable with a hint of sci-fi. I'd give it a 9/10, as there's nothing really bad or limiting about the model at all. ^ ^

Thanks for reading!


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