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This is a Star Wars: The Clone Wars set released in 2009 for children aged 7-12. It contains 177 pieces priced at $24.99/£19.99 which comes out to 14¢/11p per piece which is still rather good for a licensed set of this size. It contains two minifigures, Thi-Sen and Anakin Skywalker.

The Build

This isn't a too challenging build but may prove difficult for the lower band of the target age.It contains 42 building steps and not to many sub-steps. It contains quite a bit of building techniques such as the opening cockpit and the rotating boosters on axles, but it does also need the use of stickers.

The Speeder

The speeder can fit one minifigure in a rather spacious cockpit that opens on a hinge. Behind it is a storage compartment that has a box that can contain Anakin's walkie talkie, but the compartment isn't hinged like the cockpit meaning you have to take it clean off. Underneath the speeder is on three skis which makes it possible to slide it around as if your on the ice planet Orto Plutonia. The booster engines are on axles so can swivel round and at the back a hammer is used to connect the trans blue "energy boost" to the main engine which I think is a really nice touch. The décor of the ship makes it look just like the one on the TV show but they aren't printed pieces but stickers.


This set contains two exclusive minifigures, not including battle packs or magnet packs. The first is Thi-Sen who has an exclusive head with his four eyes and mohican. Another thing that should make him a collectors item, although he was never in the trilogy's, is his chest piece which bulks him out more than most minifigures, he also comes with a normal grey spear.. The second fig included is Anakin Skywalker in an exclusive Parka design, he has a double sided head with one side as his normal face and the other a face protector. He also has a hood which makes him very similar to Han Solo in Hoth, he also comes with a blue lightsaber. The fact that they are both exclusive should make them both collectors items and big Ebay favourites.


This set is more difficult to put together than other sets which means it's not aimed at younger children. The set is very compact and durable so can be knocked around a lot without breaking. The storage compartment though does need to be taken apart to access and can be quite fiddly to put back on meaning it isn't too convenient when playing. As it's on skis though children may slide it around on flat surfaces and both figs have weapons so you can recreate fights.

Value for Money:
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