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"'Only the toughest can get out of there alive!'"
―Rex Dangervest.

Rex Dangervest is a The LEGO Movie 2 minifigure and the hidden true main antagonist of The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part. He is a resentful version of Emmet Brickowski from the future. He is also a space traveling, galaxy defending archaeologist, cowboy, and raptor trainer, who likes building furniture, busting heads, and has chiseled looks previously hidden under baby fat. All of this referring to his (and Emmet's) voice actor Chris Pratt.

His goal is to cause Armamageddon (a disaster in which it's name translates to "Our-mama-get-in".) as revenge on his friends for abandoning him, but Emmet Brickowski inadvertently kills Rex by retaining his upbeat personality. Rex eventually accepts his fate.


In an alternate timeline, Emmet's Rescue Rocket crashed into a glassteroid field while trying to save his friends from Sweet Mayhem and landed on the planet Undar of the Dryar System (the LEGO universe's counterpart of underneath the dryer in the human world). After long periods of time trapped and feeling abandoned, Emmet eventually harnessed his anger and rage (what he calls "pretty grown-up feelings") to break his way out and give himself a new look, renaming himself Rex Dangervest, Radical Emmet Xtreme.

Rex then built himself a time-traveling spaceship, the Rexcelsior, hired a crew of raptors, and saved his past self from the glassteroids. He then agreed to help Emmet rescue his friends, but in the process tried to make him "tougher" and more like his alternate self, and in the process caused the disaster Armamageddon. However, Emmet and his friends managed to overpower Rex, prompting him to flee and attempt to travel back into the past and try again, but his time machine was destroyed and, accepting his defeat, he faded from existence.


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  • In The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part, he is voiced by Chris Pratt who also voiced Emmet in the same movie. This turns out to be because they are the same person from other timelines.
  • He is the first villain to die in a LEGO theatrical film.
    • This is because Emmet maintained his upbeat personality, while Rex lost his own.
  • In the real world, his goal is represented by an argument that Finn and his sister Bianca wind up in.
  • His haircut is similar to Akira Fudo's haircut, the protagonist of the Manga series Devilman.


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