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Riegel,[1][2][3] alternatively spelled as Rigel[1][4] or Reigel,[5] is a Martian minifigure who appeared in the Life on Mars theme. He is the leader of the Martians. He has appeared as a physical minifigure in just one set, although he has appeared in two video games.


Riegel is the leader of the Martians (at least the known ones, he claims to be leader of all Martians). He has been their leader for a long time, possibly over fifty years (based off the fact that Arcturus was said to be the leader sixty years ago). He is also the General of the Aero Tube Hangar, a Biodium mining outpost. He has a daughter, Cassiopeia. He tries his best to motivate all the Martians, and he dislikes laziness and disorder. His favorite foods are Space Slugs and "Caviack".

When the Solar Explorer and its crew landed on Mars, Riegel was fighting against the Canyon Martians, who were stealing all the Biodium at the Aero Tube Hangar. If it kept up, Riegel would have to surrender not just the base, but all of Mars!

Initially, Riegel was suspicious of the humans, putting them through tests, as he first believed that they may be invaders (the Martians were annoyed with the probes Earth had been sending), or dumb "test animals". They were able to prove themselves in the end by exposing the spy and stopping the Canyon Martians. Riegel recognized the humans as allies and friends, even allowing his daughter to return to Earth with them.

LEGO Racers 2

Riegel appears as a boss in LEGO Racers 2. Notably, instead of driving a car, Riegel drives an enormous Red Planet Protector mech in his race against the player, saying that he didn't actually mention that his vehicle was a car. The Red Planet Protector has a shield generator that makes Riegel completely invulnerable to all power-ups, but in turn he cannot use power-ups himself.

After being defeated by the player, Riegel storms off, kicking his mech in frustration. The shield generator then falls off of the mech, and Sparky tells the player that "Riegel probably won't mind if we borrow this". This allows the player to advance to the next world.

Despite his outburst at the end of the race, Riegel returns on Xalax when the player defeats Rocket Racer, where he (along with all of the other racers that the player has defeated one-on-one) congratulating the player for their achievements.

In the GBA version of the game Riegel drives a small UFO instead of the Red Planet Protector.

Soccer Mania

Reigel also appears in the video game Soccer Mania. He appears as an unlockable footballer if the player completes the final stage in the Skill Zone mode, "Skills And Chills". His stats (out of a maximum of 272) are 160 speed, 176 shooting, 160 passing, 176 tackling, and 48 goalkeeping.[6]


  • "Riegel" is the most common spelling of his name. However, the star he is named after is spelled Rigel, although this spelling is used rarely for the character.
  • Riegel is one of only two Martians to have a different skin colour than Dark Turquoise, the other being Arcturus.
  • In the PC version of LEGO Racers 2, Riegel has Dark Turquoise skin, and no insignia on his chest. Interestingly, in the GBA version of LEGO Racers 2, a green and a blue version of Riegel appears.
  • Many blue-coloured Riegel minifigures appear in LEGO Racers 2 in the Martian rejuvenator and guarding the warp tubes above the Martian base as spectators. Riegel minifigures pilot the Red Planet Cruiser, the Excavation Searcher, the Recon-Mech RP, and a small craft. These Riegel duplicates likely represent generic Martians.


Video Game Appearances

LEGO Description This is a description taken from LEGO Mania Magazine January-February 2001. Please do not modify it.

RIEGEL (say re-gull)
Riegel is the royal ruler of the red planet. Just like the star he is named for, Riegel is a giant star of the Martians. Riegel is a tough leader who keeps everyone digging for biodium. This is a description taken from Please do not modify it. (See an archive of the product’s page)

EXPERTISE: Motivation
FAVORITE FOOD: Space Slugs, Caviack
DISLIKES: Laziness, Disorder