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Rise of the Sphinx! is a Pharaoh's Quest online comic available on the Pharaoh's Quest website.


This installment begins almost immediately were the last left of, with Jake Raines fighting of Mummy Warriors in the shadow of a giant sphinx....

Jake is fending off the mummy's with his pic-axe, when he is disarmed by one of the Mummys. He then sees the Golden Sword inside the Sphinx, and grabs it. He then fends the Mummys off with it, but then the sphinx comes to life. It is busy attacking him, when Professor Archibald Hale shows up in his car, and rams the sphinx with it. The sphinx is not destroyed by the car, but uses it as a chew toy. Helena Skvalling and Mac McCloud then show up, but they are followed by a mummy army. The golden treasures are then taken from the adventurers by force, and the mummy's return with them to their scorpion pyramid, were they can use them to awake the Pharaoh Amset-Ra.


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