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Rizzo is a Legends of Chima minifigure released in 2013.


Rizzo is a black Raven minifigure with a silver right leg shaped like the wooden legs frequently used in the various Pirates themes. His left leg is black, as is his belt, and they have no printing. Rizzo's body, arms, and helmet are all black, and his hands are purple. He wears a silver chi harness with two black raven wings connected to the back, and with a transparent blue stud with a flat top (Chi) on the front. His helmet's beak is grey, and its left side is silver around an eye patch. The rest of his helmet is black, and does not have a specific colour on it, like Razar's does with dark red. Rizzo wields a large blaster named Bazooklaw.


Rizzo is part of the Raven faction, along with Razar, Razcal, and Rawzom. Like Razar, a part of him has been replaced with an artificial substitute; with Rizzo, it is his right leg, and he also has a metal eye patch for his left eye. Rizzo, along with the Wolf and Crocodile factions and the rest of the Raven faction, fights against the Lion and Eagle factions. In battle, Rizzo wields Bazooklaw as a weapon of choice. Descriptions This is a description taken from Do not modify it.


Rizzo is a scruffy scavenger with ragged fur and an eyepatch, and prides himself on being “the bottom of the bottom feeders.” Even Ravens have a slight bit of dignity, but not Rizzo. He has proudly nicknamed himself the “Shah of Shamelessness.”




  • In the online game he is the hardest Raven boss to beat, often players will die before even landing a blow on him, due to his high level and large number of ravens at his side.

    Rizzo in the online game

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