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Roboforce was a subtheme of LEGO Space in 1997. It appeared only in US catalogues in 1997.


Taking the "good guy" role in the Space theme, Roboforce was a four-set subtheme which featured various large robots (arguably mecha) in two colour schemes. Orange Class robots featured a police-like patrol function in humanoid robots, equipped with buzz saws for extracting criminals or rescuing civilians. The "head" of each robot was also a small spaceship that could be used as an escape pod or secondary vehicle. Green Class robots featured a more militaristic theme with animal shaped robots. The Robo Raptor was the only set not to feature a space craft, while the Robo Master's small starcraft strongly resembled the Unitron Star Hawk II as a tribute to the fan-favorite set. Roboforce "Robos" were powered by "secret Robo Disks" which were, despite the name, rectangular power sources. Only four sets were produced under the Roboforce subtheme:


Image # Set Number of pieces Minifigures Price Release
2151 Robo Raider 2151  Robo Raider  136  Roboforce Astronaut   $12.00  1997 
2152-Robo Raptor 2152  Robo Raptor  220  Roboforce Astronaut   $20.00  1997 
2153 2153  Robo Stalker  280  Roboforce AstronautRoboforce Astronaut   $30.00  1997 
2154-Robo Master 2154  Robo Master  362  Roboforce AstronautRoboforce Astronaut   $36.00  1997 


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