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Robot Repair Tech is a Minifigures Series 22 minifigure released on 2022.


The robot repair tech is a robot with a yellow torso legs, and a yellow welding helmet first seen on the Welder. They reuse the robot arm from the Robot, and has a black claw attached. On the robot’s torso is printing of a wrench, and some orange details. The orange details continue down to their legs, which also have some black strips similar to that of the Senate Commando Troopers. The Robot Repair tech has a cheerful expression. They come with a black hammer to repair robots with. One of these robots comes with the minifigure, and is mainly red. It has two black legs that attach to a bar joint and two medium azur eyes.


• This is the first appearance of the Welder’s helmet since 70840 Welcome to Apocalypseberg!