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Rocket Raccoon is a Marvel Super Heroes minifigure that appears in various Guardians of the Galaxy sets and the Video Game LEGO Marvel Super Heroes.


Guardians of the Galaxy Variant

Rocket has a special Head-Mold with brown shoulder-pads, and a Raccoon-Like head. His torso has printing similar to a space-suit and like his short legs his torso is Flame Yellow. He also has dark grey arms and hands to represent a sleeveless shirt. He also has a dark grey tail (fastened between legs and torso).

Ravager Outfit/SDCC Variant

Rocket Racoon sports a torso very similar to Star Lord's, and uses his Guardian's Head-Mold but with dark red shoulder-pads, and also uses the same tail. He has dark red arms with dark grey hands and dark red legs. His arms and legs are printed as well. This version was also released as a polybag in November 2014.

Vol. 2 Variant

This variant of Rocket again uses tail and head pieces of the previous variants, however, the latter now with brown shoulder pads and a slightly different printing, including a grinning mouth. He now wears a brown-and-blue sleeveless suit, with dark grey arms and hands, earth blue legs and a brown torso that is printed from both sides, featuring various zipped pockets and a black belt. Even tho the torso's original color is brown, it appears mostly blue due to the printing.

Video Game Variant

Rocket Raccoon has a different moulded head resembling a raccoon printed with white streaks and black around his cartoony eyes. He has a blue torso with red hands that is printed with brown buttons, a belt and a red embroidery around the flap and bottom of the torso. He has short blue legs and a brown tail similar to the one used by the fox and skunk from Legends of Chima. He is armed with a machine gun. Other than the physical variants, this one has brown fur instead of grey.


Rocket is an alien, very similar to a Raccoon and part of a team known as the Guardians of the Galaxy, which also includes Star-Lord, Gamora, Groot and Drax. He is also Groot's best friend. According to the Guardians of the Galaxy movie, he is the product of illegal experiments on animals (in his case, obviously on a raccoon). His name given by his creators is "89P13". However, he adopted the name "Rocket" (propably because of his interest for advanced weaponry, which is also visible in the LEGO sets due to the variing big guns he carries in each set he appears in).

Gallery of Variants


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Video Game Variants

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Other Physical Appearances

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  • In the Hindi dub of Guardians of the Galaxy, he is voiced by the late Ashiesh Roy, who also voiced General Zod, The Joker and Lex Luthor.
  • In every set he appears in (including the video game), Rocket carries a different brick-built weapon.