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Rocky the Reef Wrecker[1] is an Aquazone Aquaraiders minifigure released in 1997.


Rocky wears a black swimsuit with yellow printing. His legs and helmet are dark grey, while his hip is bright yellow. His helmet has a transparent fluorescent green visor. His face has red hair over his right eye.


Rocky the Reef Wrecker is the most rotten member of the Aquaraiders. He frequently gets carried away with the Hydro Reef Wrecker and drills into other Aquaraiders' caves, putting them at risk.[1] He uses an Aqua Dozer from time to time.

In Spying on Slimy Sea Raiders, the LEGO Maniac follows Rocky's Hydro Reef Wrecker to the Aquaraider headquarters, where Rocky explains to Scavenger Sam that he stole the compasses from the Shark's Crystal Cave ships. Upon detecting the LEGO Maniac's presence, Rocky decides to drill a maze of tunnels to hide their hideout's entrance.[2]

LEGO Description This is a description taken from LEGO Mania Magazine July-August 1997. Please do not modify it.

Rocky the Reef Wrecker
Rocky is the rottenest raider around. At times, he gets so wrapped up in wrecking that he drills into other Aquaraiders' caves. His Buddies want to put a warning bell on him, so they know when to dive out of the way.

Favorite cartoon:
Rocky and Bullwinkle




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