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LEGO Star Wars: All-Stars

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Rolling With BB-8

LEGO Star Wars: All-Stars

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Star Wars

Rolling With BB-8 is the eighth episode of LEGO Star Wars: All-Stars.


In the midst of the Resistance's attempts to flee a First Order fleet led by the Supremacy, Moxie Freemaker and Ka-Pao get a distress call from R0-GR. He informs them that he's being held prisoner by Graballa the Hutt at Graballa's resort on Canto Bight. The pair attempt to alert their commanding officer, but he refuses them permission to leave so they commandeer a ship and fly off on their own. Unfortunately, their attempt to get into the resort is initially thwarted due to a dress code, but with some credits provided by BB-8 (who's on a mission with Finn and Rose Tico) the pair manage to get inside.

Captain Phasma and her First Order Stormtroopers arrive to collect Roger, and refuse to compensate Graballa for his trouble. Moxie and Ka-Pao attempt to sneak in to rescue Roger, but get spotted by the two villainous factions. Fortunately, a stampede allows them to escape, but Phasma escapes with Roger as Graballa's resort collapses. However, upon learning that Roger included the location of Anakin Skywalker's Jedi Starfighter in his autobiography, Phasma dumps him and sets off to find it. After retrieving Roger, Moxie and Ka-Pao repair their crashed ship and head back to the Resistance fleet.


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