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Royal Guards, also called Imperial Royal Guards, were the personal guardsmen of Emperor Palpatine. Each guard would carry a force pike as a weapon, and they were all dressed in red. They were trained as great warriors, and were known as the best, being suitable for guarding important Imperial figures.


The crimson-clad Royal Guards were some of the most elite of the Galactic Empire's forces, handpicked from the very best the Stormtrooper Corps had to offer to undergo intensive training. Failure to meet expectations usually resulted in death. Out of a class of 40 cadets, only 5-7 survived training.

Their main purpose was to protect Emperor Palpatine from any and all threats, which often required them to stand by their sovereign ruler at the Imperial Palace or accompany him off-world. However, the Emperor did not make exclusive use of the Royal Guards, with high-placed figures such as Supreme Commander Darth Vader, the Grand Vizier and Grand Admiral Thrawn apparently being given command of them.


Original variant[]

Royal Guards have red arms, legs and hands (latter black hands). The red torso piece has red cloak details. They also have black minifigure heads and a red cloak helmet. They wear red capes. Royal Guards come with black spears which are supposed to be force pikes.

2014 variant[]

The 2014 variant is much the same as the original in torso and headgear. However, the arms and hands appear to have been changed to a complete dark red. The Royal Guards now wield as an accessory a black handle with a grey rod on top, known as a force pike instead of a spear. The capes that they wear are a light red on the outside and a dark red on the inside.


Video Game Appearances[]

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Concealed in crimson robes and armor, the Imperial Royal Guard protected the Emperor. Secrecy shrouded the Guard, with rumors abounding about the sentinels' backgrounds and combat capabilities.

Gallery of Variants[]

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