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Running Bear[1] is a Western Indians minifigure introduced in 1997.


Running Bear wears a bright red shirt and brick yellow pants. His torso features additional printing with blue and white triangular patterns, while his hip and legs are printed with black marks and blue cloth. He has black braided hair adorned with a white Indian Feather W. Pin. His head is printed with red and green tribal facepaint on his cheeks, as well as a visible nose.


Running Bear lives in the Rapid River Village and crosses over the log through Boulder Cliff Canyon. From atop a cliff overlooking the Rapid River Village, Running Bear sends a smoke signal to the Medicine Man, asking for help after Big Chief Rattle Snake was bitten by a snake.[1]

In the World Club Magazine Time Cruisers comics, Running Bear notices the arrival of Tim Timebuster and Ingo in their Flying Time Vessel.[2]

Although Running Bear is not a playable character in Soccer Mania, he appears in the cutscene where Chief Buffalo uses a totem pole to locate the Brickster.


  • Running Bear's minifigure is completely identical to another native living in Rapid River Village. Another nearly-identical minifigure appears in Boulder Cliff Canyon, albeit lacking a black quiver.


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