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The Russian Soldier is an Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull minifigure released in 2008. Russian Soldiers are the antagonists of the theme.


The Russian Soldier has sand green legs, hips, arms, torso and cap. The hands and face are light nougat, the standard flesh colour. The torso has printing of a military uniform with some wrinkles on each side and four gold buttons running down the front. A brown belt with a rectangular gold buckle is located near the bottom of the torso. The buckle has a star inside of it. The collar printing has two gold dots on it. On variation of the soldier's face has thick black eyebrows and a smile. The other features brown eyebrows with narrowed eyes and a crafty grin. Some of the soldier variants wear survival backpacks.


The Russian Soldiers served under the Soviet Union. With a strong Communist government, it was made up of 15 Soviet republics, made out of much of the same territory as the Russian Empire that it had replaced, covering much of eastern Europe and northern and central Asia.

Russian soldiers aided Irina Spalko while she attempted to steal the Crystal Skull, an object she believed could help the Soviet Union. The soldiers were commanded by Colonel Dovchenko.


  • The first Russian Soldier has the same face as the Satipo, Bruce Wayne and German Soldier Minifigures.
  • The second Russian Soldier has the same face as the Belloq and 2007 Draco Malfoy minifigures.
  • Although the Russian Soldiers are depicted as wearing bright green uniforms in the original movie they wore dark tan ones instead. Similar to that of Colonel Dovchenko.


Video Game Appearances


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SneeringMild smileWith backpack


In the boss level "Crane Train".