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"Give me enough tools and materials and I can build a battle machine that can overcome anything."

Ryo is an Exo-Force minifigure introduced in 2006. He is the pilot of Uplink, Mobile Defense Tank, Cyclone Defender, and the Hybrid Rescue Tank.


If anything needs fixing, Ryo is the one to do it. Before the first rebellion, Ryo was a master repair tech for a large factory on the northern slope. There is no circuit, no gear, and no weapon that Ryo cannot fix. After the robots rebelled, Ryo joined the design team that developed the Grand Titan.


Ryo has 3 different orange coloured suits for each year. He has a turn around face one which bears a serious expression, the other bearing an angry expression. He has rubber purple spiky hair, the same as Takeshi, and Ha-Ya-To.


  • His face has two sides, one looking normal, and the other in a mad expression.
  • The Tank Gunner has the same suit as Ryo's 2006 variant.
  • He is the only minifigure with purple hair


“What’s with this jungle? Where are the keyboards? The consoles? Good thing I brought my toolbox with me, or I wouldn’t have anything to do!”



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