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S1D6-SA-5 is a Star Wars minifigure released in 2018.


The minifigure has original printing all over its body. The face is bright red, with a photoreceptor and circuits in the middle of the face. The torso has a restraining bolt on the top left corner, as well as different gears, wires, and circuits all over. The hands and arms are completely red, and the legs have wires and plating. The torso and legs are covered with smudges.


S1D6-SA-5 was a red-colored protocol droid that saw use on Kessel under Pyke capo Quay Tolsite, administrator of the Pyke Syndicate's operations. It worked in the control hub to maintain all systems at peak efficiency. S1D6-SA-5 and the other droids used by the Pykes were freed in 10 BBY during an slave uprising started by the droid L3-37.


  • The character is named "Kessel Operation Droid" in LEGO media, but Pablo Hidalgo named the character in a reference book.


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